Month: February 2018

7 Feb

Protect your wealth with offshore company formation

Dubai offers countless business opportunities to the foreign investors. If an individual wants to set up his business then there are various legal consultants to help them out with forming an offshore company in Dubai. They assist you with the entire process of offshore company formation in Dubai and also help you in opening an offshore bank account. Opening an offshore bank account can save you from the heavy taxation and expand your business by keeping your income confidential. Let’s make you aware of a few things you should know before opening an offshore company in Dubai.

  • You have to proceed with selecting the right jurisdiction and the experience service provider to guide you. UAE is the safest option as As Dubai doesn’t participate in any of the information exchange documents or corporate director’s details. After this, you have to choose a consultant who helps you register your company.
  • Dubai differs from all the other parts of the world because Dubai provides a financial platform to many international businesses. You don’t have to be a resident in Dubai to manage your company, you can visit on your own wish from your home country without attracting attention to keep your confidentiality.
  • All your assets which you own by your offshore company are yours as long as you wish them to be. In public records, your assets will be shown as a company’s property and not yours so this way only you will be knowing about your wealth.
  • If you want to keep it more confidential, then you can appoint a nominee to hold your shares and give you the power of attorney. This nominee can be anyone else you trust on. It will help you manage your company without incorporating your name into it.

If you have any further queries related to start-up of an offshore company in Dubai, contact Adam Global. It is amongst the top business advising firms in Dubai having the best legal consultants with years of experience.