Month: May 2018

Few questions to ask a commercial joinery company

Many of the business-owners always seek for a professional company that excels in Joinery works in Dubai, whenever they need some commercial joinery work to be done in their office. But they often hesitate to ask certain questions from them because of little knowledge on the subject. However, they should come forward and ask their queries from the joinery contractor they hire. Here we have answered a few of those questions that often comes in mind during the joinery work.

  •         “What timber should be used?”

Hardwoods like oak, cherry, and walnut are the best timber to use. Each of these timbers have different qualities that can help in the best way for your project. For example oak is perfect for using in areas that receives less sunshine while cherry can be easily stained.

  •         “What are the different styles of windows to choose from?”

Commercial joinery projects commonly use three main styles of windows including:

Ø  Traditional window types:  these styles are very commonly used in commercial building. Consider the age of your property before going with a traditional window style.

Ø  Sliding sash windows: these are the very common choices for a modern office. These can be fitted with decorative details on the frame

  •         “Why should your services be hired?”

You must always ask this question to get to know what qualities make them different from other joiners. Hire them after getting a convincing reply.