Basic Things About HVAC

ventilation 23 Jul

Basic Things About HVAC

It is seen that the plumbing fixtures, cabinets, countertops or floor treatments are the things taken into considerations while buying or constructing a new home. But the HVAC systems, which are not given much attention in the beginning, is often the feature that dissatisfies many after they’ve lived in the new home for a while. Acronym for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, the system of HVAC in Dubai is also an essential aspect, just like the others mentioned that provides comfort to the inhabitants.

The hot summer days are kicked out by the air conditioning that offers the most wanted cool air, while the cool winter days are provided the warmth of the heater in the system. Before you invest in a HVAC in Dubai, there are some basic features about it that you must know. Let us take a look at a few.

  •         Type of ductwork: one of the most important features of HVAC system is the duct. Make sure the ductwork is of apt size and is also properly balanced for the utmost comfort of your home.
  •         Refrigerant: refrigerant is another essential feature used in all HVAC systems. But, because it eliminates harmful gases, many refrigerant models were phased out by the government. Therefore you must make sure that the HVAC system you buy, makes use of environment friendly refrigerant.
  •         Diffuser grille: this place is the noisiest in the HVAC where the amount of heating and cooling diffused in the room can be properly adjusted. You must ask a qualified technician to install balance dampers with the proper tools at some distance from the diffuser.
  •         Indoor unit location: you must take several design precautions like secondary condensate pan and exterior drain line when you are considering buying attic mounted furnaces. However, you can go with furnaces installed in a floor level closet as these are at a minimum risk of leakage.
  •         Outdoor unit location: outdoor unit or condenser should be located in a place where it cannot be seen or heard easily. Keep the condenser unit in shady area and keep it clean and free of vegetation.

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