Best ideas for decorating small apartment living rooms

8 Dec

Best ideas for decorating small apartment living rooms

Decorating old homes and apartments with small rooms can certainly be a big challenge! Well, do not worry. Best sofa and upholstery dealer in Dubai have come up with some tips to help you arrange your space even if it is small. For more ideas, meet our experts at

Use light colors

Light colors are the best when it comes to making a small, cramped space look big and spacious. Color your walls with light colors and use light colored decorative items. This will not only make the space look bigger but it will also make it brighter.

Use a mirror

Place a mirror to bring light into your small apartment. Just hang a mirror opposite a window. This will bounce back the light around the room and make it feel airier. You can use a big mirror for a better feel, remember that “the bigger the mirror, the better”.

Use metallic objects

Use metallic decorative. This will not only enhance the look of the space, but it will also make it look bigger and better. You can use something metallic and shimmery like a lamp, a light fixture, or even an object which has an effect which will have an effect similar to that of a mirror. This will not only reflect right, it will also brightening up the space.

Choose convenient furniture

Be smart when choosing furniture, especially with the shelves. Use hanging shelves to make the space free. Such furniture offers storage space without the heavy, bulkiness of bookcases, chests, and armoires. One quick tip: You can also swap your old nightstands for floating shelves.

Make perfect use of the corners

Well corners often cause a big challenge even for big rooms! So it is only common that you can be confused about decorating your corners. While corners are most often-overlooked, they can actually serve as great spots to decorate your room if you can do it the right way. Place a bean bag or a nice corner shelf to make the space look more livable.