Best weight loss surgery options to control obesity

17 Mar

Best weight loss surgery options to control obesity

There are many people who are obese and tried dieting and exercising, but failed to achieve their goal. Sometimes, diet and exercise alone can’t help you to shed the significant amount of weight. For losing that extra weight, which is a result of lack of exercise and overindulgence in food, you need to have weight loss surgery. So that when that extra weight goes away, you can continue with your diet and exercise schedule.

There are various types of weight loss surgery options including surgical and nonsurgical methods. Gastric balloon surgery in Dubai is the nonsurgical way to lose the weight, but only a specific person can be the candidates. Other than the gastric balloon surgery in Dubai there are mainly two common types of weight loss surgeries.

  • Gastric Bypass: It includes reducing the stomach size by stapling it and bypassing it along with the intestines. Then the intestines are attached to the smaller stomach pouch. Shorten intestines absorb many nutrients and smaller stomach lets you eat normally without feeling hungry. This is an invasive and irreversible procedure involving rapid loss of weight, but with some risks as compared to the Lap band surgery.
  • Lap band: It includes placing an adjustable gastric band around the upper stomach restricting the size of the stomach. This restricts your food intake and increases the reaching time of food to the intestines. It slows the digestion and reduces the appetite lowering the risk of malnutrition. This process is much safer as it is minimally invasive, reversible but is a slower weight loss option.

Now it’s up to you which one you prefer, nonsurgical or surgical. Whether you opt for gastric balloon surgery in Dubai or gastric bypass or lap band surgery, contact the best Bariatric surgeons. Approach Weight loss surgery clinic in Dubai or you can go to their website