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13 Aug

Attract Clients With Mouth Watering Website Design

With the growing use of technology and shifting of a large number of consumers to online portals, it becomes very much necessary that you set your foot in the online business arena. Having an own website that’s very attractive to look at and has equally catchy description is the basic necessity to turn visitors into clients, irrespective what your business is about. However, this is just a general pre-requisite.

If you are a baker offering best cakes in Dubai you need to keep certain additional factors in mind. A bakery website, although is a website, differs in some but important manners. Hence, to get the best and maximum out of your website, consider the following points:

  •         First impression matters: In a bakery website, the first thing that grabs attention is the picture of various baked items like cakes, muffins, cup cakes, bread, etc. If you unknowingly choose a common picture and your users come to know about it, they may get a negative impression.
  •         Don’t forget the fonts: The fonts to need to go in sync with the overall website design and pictures. You can pick a certain theme or go for a mixture of two or more to create a better look. Choose the fonts according to the type and designs of items baked by you. For example, for kids, italics or other such curvy fonts will be suitable. Whereas for classical cakes that suit the taste of grown-ups, a sober and simplistic font style will serve the purpose the best.
  •         Be original: It is strongly advised that you arrange for and put original pictures of items baked in your bakery instead of getting from the internet. This is because if you end up using any of the copy righted picture without proper permission, you may land in a soup. Even if you think of getting all the necessary permission, this may cost you more in terms of money and time.

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