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4 Mar

5 things you should keep in mind when taking insurance in Dubai


It is important that people planning to get their insurance in Dubai are aware of certain things. This knowledge helps them in selecting the right plan for them.

Here are the things you keep in mind before taking insurance –

The plan you should take: When purchasing insurance, you should decide on is the policy plan. An important point to keep in mind is that the policy amount has to be 12 times your actual annual salary. So, abide by this and find the appropriate plan.

Check the policy terms: Subtract your current age from your retirement age. This should be the tenure of the policy, for it to be ideal.

Online insurance is cheaper: Always find an online insurance plan and invest wisely. Online insurance comes at a cheaper rate so it is better to buy it online. You can get it at a discounted rate.

Look for add-ons: This yet another important thing. You should be aware of the add-ons you get along with the cover. Add—ons for life insurance generally refer to the health/medical plans that come as additional coverage. However, the come with a lot of T&C. So, know what is best before signing up.

Know the details before signing up: This is extremely important. Make sure that you know everything before signing up. Discuss all the details with your agent and make sure that you exchange even the minute details. From health conditions to family history to the cover details, you will have to know everything.

It is extremely important that people planning to get insurance in Dubai know the above-mentioned things. Read all the related documents before signing up for a plan. For better assistance, get the services done by a well-known reputed insurance agent. Pearl Insurance Brokers is the best agency to get insured.