Design tips for commercial designs: Brighten your Workplace

12 Dec

Design tips for commercial designs: Brighten your Workplace

When it comes to workplaces, people tend to relate the interior designing of the same with dull black and white surroundings, which in some way or another, represent the not-so brightened up surroundings of a prison. For many, their workplace is similar to a modernized prison, where all they do is work and get bored with their not-at-all good surroundings.

Now, this is not good, is it? Anyone who has or still works in commercial design must be familiar with those type of clients, who start their business just by getting themselves engrossed in their projects. Sometimes this is because of the simple fact that they have no idea about initiating the task while the other times, clients seem to hold an experience in residential design, and hence, end up neglecting the potential a commercial workplace holds.

Following are some valuable tips, which other office fit out companies in Dubai follow, and you should too—

  •       COLOR

An element which cannot be ignored while designing a workplace is color. When it comes to design or choice of colors to paint the office walls, clients automatically choose white or gray color palettes; which is not at all necessarily needed. One should try to pick a color that emphasizes your business’s type—bold shades can be energizing while the soft and calm ones can create a serene environment.

  •       LIGHTING

Commercial lighting affects the wellbeing of employees deeply. Selection of appropriate lights will not only lighten up their tensed mood but also affects the attention between clients and employees. You can try to make the use of a variety of light sources to create interesting points within the workplace.

  •       TEXTURE

To prevent the commercial design of your workplace from becoming too dull, flat or uniform, clients look for many ways. One of many ways includes the use of multiple textures differently and then combining them together. You can paint some of your walls or can cover them with unique geometrical designs.

  •       DIVIDERS

When the workplace is quite large for clients to work in, then space dividers come in the act. These can be used to separate the areas without cutting out natural light sources, with the help of glass partitions.

While many clients seem to have less idea about what they want, one should try including one or two points from above in the plan to see what they can achieve with this. Many office fit companies in Dubai have been taking such points along with others in consideration, to make their client’s workplace more livening.