5 Tips to get rid of hornets

20 Dec

5 Tips to get rid of hornets

Hornets can be called social wasps feeding on other insects. Although these pests are not a threat to humans, but if they are disturbed, they can attack and sting that can hurt very very badly. These pests often build their nests that are very close to places where we spend most of our times. So, if you are planning to get rid of black and white bald faced creatures, you must seek for a professional help and contact cosmos pest control one of the best pest control companies in Dubai. These professionals are very well aware of terminating these pests at the roots. here we have a few ways to help you get rid of hornets, whether it’s a single pest or a full nest.

Remove a single hornet

If you encounter a single hornet in your home, you may try to squash it with a fly-swatter or rolled-up newspaper. But doing this can be dangerous as the hornet may release a chemical that attracts other hornets from a hidden nest in the attic or another nearby location. To avoid such a situation, you can use a household vacuum cleaner. Suck the pest into the vacuum using the extension hose and dispose of the bag once the hornet dies.

Remove the nest

Removing the hornet nests is one of the best methods that is also followed by professional pest control companies in Dubai. Generally found in sheltered locations, like leafy trees, under eaves and rafters, in attics, or on windows, once located, you must destroy their nests, in order to completely get rid of hornets and even wasps. Make use of a strong and effective pesticide to kill these pests. Make sure to spray the nest with a good insecticide at dawn or dusk, as most of the hornets return home during this time and are least active. Soak the nest with pesticide and burn it after a few days when every hornet is dead.

Make use of a bucket trap

Fill a buckets with sugar water, apple cider vinegar. Also add a small amount of mild dish soap to the bucket to enhance the effectiveness in trapping and drowning hornets. Keep this bucket trap where hornets have been spotted and are likely to nest, such as under eaves. Such traps can capture hornet and wasp queens, and prevent colonies from forming.

Discourage hornets from nesting

The best way to keep away hornets from your home is to deter them from building a nest around your home. Although, trapping is the best way to do this, but there are other many ways that can be helpful. These simple preventive measures include keeping your trees trimmed, painting or repainting the walls, eaves, or any other areas where nesting can be done. You can also make use of sun-catching mobiles, old CDs, or mirrors near the nesting areas to avoid the nests from being formed.