How To Take Care Of Your  Ray Ban Sunglasses

sunglasses dubai for men 4 Sep

How To Take Care Of Your  Ray Ban Sunglasses

One accessory that all men like is their shades. We can see that most men prefer to accessorize themselves with some cool set of shades. Several big brands such as Ray Ban offer great sunglasses for men.

It is not a new thing that most people prefer Ray Ban sunglasses for men. They get ready to shell out good amount of money for a cool pair of shades! However, it would be a total waste of money if the shades aren’t taken care of.

Ray Ban Sunglasses for Men

Yes, it is very important to take care of sunglass so they last long and appear good. Here are a few things to follow to care for them –

  • Clean the smudges on the screen using the microfiber cloth that comes in the box. Do not hold the glasses by the lens. Handle the lens with care as they smudge easily.
  • Deal with bacteria build up by soaking the shades in warm water and soap solution for about 5 minutes. After taking them out rinse in warm water without the soap and then wipe dry using a lint-free cloth.
  • Keep the shades in the box that comes at the time of purchase. This will ensure that no dust accumulates on them. If it is humid outside then add some silica gel in the box or the leather pouch. The gel will absorb moisture and keeps them dry.
  • Always plan where to keep your shades. When you are travelling, then make sure that you don’t keep the sunglasses in a place where there is a chance for them to fall and break. It is best to keep them handy.  

For shades or sunglasses to last long, it is important that they are bought from a licensed dealer. For the best service, good varieties and great prices in Dubai, contact Optics Online.