How to take sat prep

sat prep dubai 8 Aug

How to take sat prep

When you are preparing to take SAT, Odds are you will have a number of questions in your mind on how to start taking sat prep in Dubai? There is nothing to worry, it’s not that hard and you can crack the exam with good prep.


How should I start SAT prep in Dubai?


Use a couple of basic tools like SAT Study material, notes and your insights from high school. There


 are maximum chances of you clearing the test with just a review of your notes and a few practice tests, Yet you can consider taking extra steps too.


  • Make use of a highlighter to mark your weakness areas in your SAT study material or in your SAT prep class.
  • Focus on your weakness areas and improve your skills by reviewing your school notes.
  • Prepare flashcards for SAT portions such as common mathematical equations and vocabulary. SAT flashcards are also available in the market.


Should I take a SAT prep course?


SAT preparation course can be greatly useful for most of the student’s, SAT score plays a major role in selecting a good college which would give a proper direction for students for their career.

Enroll yourself for SAT prep cause if you find a good one available locally or a less expensive online class. A better option would be joining SAT prep classes with a good tutor paying focus and attention to a small group of students.


What would it be advisable for me to look for with a training SAT test?


It’s best to look for three things. These are your plus points, minus points, and question paper pattern. Try not to rush when taking the practice tests, keep a tab on test time. Of course, the real SAT is a timed test, but for your first practice test, do not time yourself. Just take it easy. Simply relax. You need to thoroughly read all the questions. Get comfortable with these sections and the directions, as this will help on the test day.


When reviewing your practice papers, you will get to know your strengths and weakness. At that point just concentrate on enhancing your shortcomings.For more details on career counseling visit url: