Trademark Registration In Dubai and How To Register Online

Dubai trademark registration 23 May

Trademark Registration In Dubai and How To Register Online

When it comes to trademarks, you are actually dealing with it every day, but you may not realize it. It is nothing but another method or way of referring to a certain brand. it is a trademark (a name, a sign or symbol), which differentiates your business products from that of the others. Whether you own a business in USA or  trademark registration Dubai is an important aspect that can help your business to stand out of the crowd. Let us take a brief look at the importance of a trademark:

· Trademarks can communicate your business with the potential customers very effectively. It conveys about the intellectual and emotional aspects of your company and also about the products and services offered by you.
· As your trademark is what a customer will be typing on a search engine or social media platform like Facebook or Twitter, therefore it is an effective tool that allows your business to use the power of internet.

If you own a business in Dubai, then you must read on further to know about the procedure and requirements of the online Dubai trademark registration. Take a look.

· You must submit an application to Trademarks Registration Office in Dubai. They will conduct an initial investigation to check if the trademark that you are requesting for has been used by some other company or not. If it isn’t, then they will ask you to proceed further.
· You then have to file an application which will include all the required documents like passport copy, certificates of trademark registration if done in other countries, a soft black and white copy of the Trademark that you want and other necessary documents along with the required fees.
· Your trademark will then be published in 2 local newspapers by the registration office.
· A notice of opposition to your trademark can be filed within 30 days after the trademark is published. The decision of the registrar regarding the opposition is appealed at the ministry committee whose decision is further appealed in the competent court.
· In case no opposition is filed with the given time frame, then the Trademark is registered for your business, and a certificate will be issued to you.
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